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Hi, I'm Luke

Well, actually my real name is Lucas Pereira, but to make things easier just call me Luke P. I made this page to share some things about myself and give some background to the videos on my channel. I am an audio engineer and music producer, owner of Boom Sound Design, a high end production studio in Curitiba, Brazil. For the past 8 years the studio has been my lifestyle, I have recorded, produced and worked in pretty much all maners of audio production, from commercial music, television, and marketing to game audio, sound design and cinema. After some encouragment from colleagues and peers I have decided to pass along some of the knowledge I have picked up along the years through my YouTube Channel.

The Channel

Along the years I have managed and delivered projects within all areas of audio production. From getting my start doing audio post for corporate videos to recording Grammy nominated artists to engineering and recording artists I have picked up a lot of tricks and have developed my own techniques to get the results I want. My goal with the channel is to show you, the viewer, some of these tricks I have picked up along the years. I have a lot of ideas and things I can show with a full studio to back me up, something not a lot of YouTubers have. If all goes well I should be able to push out at least 1 video a week. We are just getting started friends…

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Want to hire my services, got questions or just want to support my channel? Send me some mail. If you need to hire me make sure to put that in your subject field. Soon I will get around to adding an easier method to get in touch with me through the website. For now this will do.